female security guard

Lady Guard

Stop your worries of finding the best lady guard. Be it about the office, bank, hostel, shopping center, event, or personal purpose; we have explicitly trained Female Security Guard available for you; irrespective of your demand.

Why choose us?

Fearless Security Man Pvt. Ltd. can provide you with the all-encompassing solution for your all types of Female Security Services in Delhi. No matter you want female security guards on a temporary basis or permanently, we can provide you with the way you like. When it comes about the emergencies, we have always been ahead of our competitors. In fact, not just we, our female guards are also explicitly trained to handle such occasions.

What’s special about our lady guard service?

Being certified and recognized the name in the security service arena, we have been the most trustworthy names when it comes about the Female Security Guard hiring needs. Following aspects make us, and our lady guards especially.

  • Each lady guard we hire has to pass through strict identity check. We conduct this process through specialists, and upon reaching the authentic sources.
  • Our lady guards are the fittest. They have to pass through the rigorous fitness tests, after fulfilling the height/weight requirements.
  • We ensure that the lady guards hired hold no criminal record or any of negative past. Proper checking process is conducted regarding their criminal past.
  • We provide lady guards as per the requirement of the client. No matter you look for a guard for a corporate house, hostel, school, or personal purpose, we have specialists in all domains.
  • At the same time being well trained in handling high-end technicalities and weapons, our guards are given special training on behavioral aspects as well.
  • As explained above, we can provide you lady guards any time you require. No matter you are looking for lady guards for a temporary purpose or permanent, we have the best solution available for you.
  • We are available to address your queries anytime. Our customer service team remains 24x7 available to answer your questions.
  • Above all, we hold a proven track record regarding our service, which makes us the most reliable.