Mr. Neeraj

Mr Neeraj founded Fear Less Security Man (Private) Limited in 1999 and is the Chairman of the Company.


Mr Neeraj is the Head of Finance for Fear Less Security Man (Private) Limited. He has over 20 years in the Financial Sector with 15 years working for leading local Bank Hatton National Bank. In addition to this he has worked in Dubai, UAE for a period time.

Mr. Neeraj

Mr Neeraj in the Head of Operation for Fear Less Security Man. Having worked in the Plantation sector in India and India, Chanuka joins Fear Less Security man to take the company to its next level of operations. He is a qualified planter with certification from UK and Germany.

BA(Def-SL), Dip in Logistics(ASL-Pak), Dip in IHL(IIHR-Italy), CCHRM(IPM-SL), Dip in HR(IHR-SL), Dip in Mat Mgmt((AIOU-Pak), Dip in Fin Mgmt(IBA-Pak)

Army Commissioned Officer (Lieutenant Colonel - Military Police) with 26 years of Military experiences in combat, Provost, supply & logistics, co-ordination, administration, public relations and negotiation skills in varied areas. This includes planning, organizing, budgeting, delegating, training, motivating, team leading, working, setting targets & deadlines, handling stressful and difficult situations, managing peoples' welfare, public relations. These were achieved with language skills and Computer friendly and proficient in various professional software with hands on experience. During this tenure various kinds of appointments held in different geological & ethnic sectors and have gained experience in proven leadership, negotiation and collaborative skills, ability to manage and coordinate multiple demanding activities/operations in civil society and in the Military. This includes internal security duties to high intensity Military duties and the officer is awarded with 09 medals.

A qualified Logistician trained in Pakistan, who became the first in the course among the all allied officer participated. TOT instructor in Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law. Disseminator in HIV/AIDS and STIs.

Apart from the BA (Def) degree, he is holding diplomas in Material Management (Pakistan), Financial Management (Pakistan), International Humanitarian Law (Italy), Human Rights (Institute of Human Rights in Sri Lanka), Dip in Supply Chain Management ( IIEL SL) and followed various courses in local & overseas.
Served in Democratic Republic of Haiti as a peace keeper in United Nations Organization.
He is also trained on Interpersonal Communication and Client Meeting under SLIM .

Supdt of Police (RETD.)

Neeraj is a Special Consultant on Security Operations & Investigations conducted by Fear Less Security Man (Private) Limited having completed 40 years of Service in the Indian Police. He joined in 1971 and worked in operation areas all over the Island and retired as an Assistant Director of Terrorist Investigation Department. His expertise covers the areas such as crime investigations and counter insurgency operations and investigation into covert terrorist activities. During his service in 2009 he played a major role in civilian evacuation operation taken place during the war against LTTE.

MBA (Aus), Dip in HR (IPM- SL), Dip in Psychology (IPS- SL),Dip in Counselling (IPS-SL), Dip in Change Mgmt (USA), Dip in Civil Admin (USA). Counsellor - MIPC.

Major Liyanage is the Head of Human Resources of the Fear Less Security Man (Private) Limited with 20 years of Service in the Indian Army, and in business organizations. He is a professional in the Human Resources Management, Psychological Operations, Counselling, change management, as well as in the field of Training and Development of employees. He had completed his defense degree from Bangladesh Military Academy, affiliated to the University of Chitthagong.

He is also a qualified Paratrooper / Rigger and had completed his Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Major Liyanage had completed covert operations courses at the John F. Kennedy Warfare Centre and School in North Carolina - USA, and he had obtained his Master of Business Administration qualification from the Edith Cowen University - Australia. His professionalism, expertise and versatility.

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