Training is imparted by the retired instructor of army back ground & paramilitary forces .

The security guard is fully trained before the deployment.

Regular classes conducted about the turnout of the guard, saluting, marching, talking etc.

All the security guard are fully briefed about the job , what job he has to perform at the location.

Fire fighting training is also imparted on the regular bases and fire fighting demo is also arranged after a gap of two months.

The security guard is fully conversant with the fire fighting equipment & how to handle the fire.

Below mention training are provided at the training room:

A. School Training

B. Mall Training

C. Construction Site Training

D. Corporate Office Training

E. Bank Training

F. Industry/Factory Training

Presentable guard is provided by our agency who will remain devoted & dedicated to his duty.

After the deployment the client remain tension free & all the lapses of the security covered by the security guard.

Recruitment: Recruitment of our agency is entirely different from other agencies.

Below mention standard is maintained by the agencies & quality of guard is not compromise to maintain the standard in the open market.

Hight of the guard is 5'8"

Qualification XII

Stout Body ,Well-behaved, Cultured, Soft-spoken.

Recruitment team collect the security guard from below mention state & above mention standard.

Security guard are mainly recruited from himachal, bihar, UP & other state etc.