Fearless security man understands the importance of presenting a professional image in every aspect of its service to both the client and it's clients. We believe that good security is an important requirement of every business.


"To provide personalized security services at a competitive price to satisfy the clients requirements through a team of well-trained, disciplined and committed security personnel. "


To be the leader in the industry having known for providing the most efficient and effective services in the security industry.


Fear Less recognizes that the personal and administrative activities of our organization have an impact on the environment globally and accepts the responsibility to sustain and improve the environment, including the company's own environment. Fearless Security man as a leading service provider in security service industry, will strive to provide a model for environmental responsibility and judicious use of resources.


A. Head of Human Resources of the company has been appointed to oversee the implementation of policy objectives. Duties include a yearly evaluation of the company's progress in meeting the objectives of the environmental policy, and report to be submitted at the annual gathering on 20th October, yearly.

B. The policy's objectives are :

  • Increase employee awareness of the environmental impacts of all individual and organizational activities.
  • Encourage personal accountability to achieve responsible environmental behavior.
  • Minimize solid waste through efficient and appropriate use of resources and increased recycling.
  • Maximize purchasing of recycled and low-impact products.
  • Reduce energy and water use.
  • Strive to conduct all activities in ways that are environmentally and economically responsible.
  • Encourage those who do business with the company to comply with these objectives.

An official environmental policy would promote a higher degree of individual environmental responsibility of the company. We constantly encourage our employees to conduct all its internal operations in an environmentally responsible manner, as this environmental policy would certainly result in economic benefits, by reducing the consumption of natural resources (e.g. energy, water, paper etc.) in the organization.

  • Organizing an environmental audit assessing the waste stream, energy and water use, pesticide and detergent use, and recycling capabilities of the company.
  • Publishing and educating throughout the campus an annual report summarizing Fearless security man's environmental efforts, accomplishments, and areas of improvement.
  • Providing education and information to the Fearless security man community so that its members can make informed choices regarding the environment and how their activities impact it.
  • Improving the company recycling program. This includes:
    • Setting up indoor / outdoor recycling bins throughout the campus
    • Ensuring that every functional division within the company has conveniently located recycling bins for white paper, mixed paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic.
    • Educating the Fearless security man community about the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of recycling.
  • Establishing energy management strategies for turning off lights, computers and other equipment when not in use.
  • Promoting Fearless security man's purchase of "Green Energy."
  • The incorporation in the new purchasing system of environmental costs and benefits, in addition to financial costs and benefits.

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