Security Guard Services


Attending an event without a bodyguard is all making your life at stake, being a well-known personality or VIP. Whether hiring event bouncers for professional or personal reasons, make your right move with the best event security agency in Delhi or any other city. From entry protection to runway security, event security companies are going to provide with the full safety to celebrities or other special guests.


Nowadays, the crime rate is accelerating every day, especially in metro cities. When any kind of event is going to be organized in any city, there is a huge risk of attacks or terrorist activities. Sometimes, situations may reach the disastrous point that is difficult to deal. To deal with these critical situations, the police cannot be present anywhere. This is why you should understand your security factor that should be in your hands. No worry, if you are planning to attend any event, we, at Fearless Security Pvt. Ltd., has Event Security Services to offer, which will help you make a peaceful visit to the place.

Regardless of the event type, we can cater for your safety needs and give you a chance to make your event or function successful. Due to our expert event bouncers, we pride ourselves in offering a reliable and trustworthy service to each of our clients. We carefully select the suitable event bouncer or other security staff for your event.


1. Sports events/concerts
2. Commercial events
3. VIP private parties
4. Music events
5. PR events
6. Restaurant/hotel shows
7. Public events/shows


Our bouncers are outstanding in delivering security services because they have undergone the training to cope with the critical circumstances smartly. We consider both practical and theoretical training for our security officers. This is why our trained bouncers can:

8. Provide with high-grade security services
9. Use their skills in dealing with arguments and fights
10.Keep a constant eye on the huge crowd
11.Tackle antagonistic behavior of clients
12. Become proficient enough in avoiding entry of drugs & weapons in the venue premises
13. Take care of the woman safety
14. Prioritize your security with our excellent Event Security Services in Delhi!