Security Guard Services



An oath is defined as a formal promise, which is made regarding one’s future actions or behavior . It could be a sworn declaration or a promise made simply by word of mouth.

After undergoing rigorous training to meet the requirements of the job, the Security Guards at Fearless Security Man Private Limited are deployed on site. When starting their job, they have to perform an Oath Ceremony wherein they pledge to work diligently at the site. They make a promise that all needs of the client will be catered to and top-notch service will be provided.

An Oath Ceremony is sacrosanct and inspires the Security Guards to work hard. Under their watch, no mishaps will happen and the client will have nothing to complain about. Our team of adroit and professional Security Guards is different from those of other Security Guard Agencies in the sense that our team members are highly dedicated to their job. They stand true to their oath and uphold their promise.

The Oath Ceremony instills a sense of pride in the team and also helps them stay true to their work. The client and their requirements come first, and our Security Guards are well-known for their efficacy in their work.

Oath Ceremony is typically held after training of the personnel is completed. Once the ceremony is done, the Security Guards are deployed on site, which could vary from places like schools, banks, monuments, malls, showrooms, restaurants, offices or personal spaces. Wherever they are deployed, our Security Guards perform their duties with utmost dedication and that’s why we stand amongst the Top Security Companies in Delhi.