Security Guard Services


Be it for a shopping mall, a commercial complex, or an institute, the job of a Personal Security Officer is extremely responsible. He needs to be ever alert, completely dependent, and entirely honest. Tremendous caution is taken in appointing PSOs as entire security of a place is depended on them. At Fearless Security we only recruit trustworthy people for the job of PSO. We always lay additional emphasis on appointing or deputing security officers, and guards as they ensure safety of thousands of lives at any location.

It is our lookout to ensure the safety of people by deploying the redoubtable PSO security system. They are forever alert and prepared to take on any challenges on the safety and security of lives and properties. When you hire security personnel from us you are assured of:

Alertness – An expert security guard is alert throughout and aware of their surroundings. They are trained to be thoroughly observant and continuously vigilant. Any unnatural behaviour from any person or anything unusual does not escape their sight.

Physically Fit and Strong – Physical attributes are prime indicators of becoming a worthy successful Personal Security Guard. Security personnel must be physically strong and fit. Our security personnel are capable of executing the toughest security jobs in every kind of office, hotels, bars, and institutes. Without exceptions, our PSOs are physically powerful, vigilant and mentally alert. Mentally and physically they are capable of controlling toughest security challenges.

Honesty – The position of Personal Security Officer or guard demands total honesty on the part of the member. It is a position of intense trust and loyalty. Even the slightest indication of dishonesty is unacceptable in our PSOs.

Excellent Communication Skills – This is one area which is not addressed seriously by security service providers. We put additional stress on this aspect so as to make our PSO security members articulate and communicative. Superior communication skill enables security guards and officers to convey messages clearly and doubtlessly. Good communication skills help in explaining security arrangements to people as and when needed.

Fearless Security is just a call away to listen to your security concerns and make suitable arrangements imminently.